Thursday, October 28, 2004

Va va voom

Thanks to Kaspar Peeters for pointing out mplayer, a Linux program that uses Windows codecs to play movie files in lots of different formats including quicketime and windows media player. Great, now I don't have to reboot anymore to watch movies from the web such as the great ad for a Renault Clio featuring Thierry Henry and a surprise guest from the Muppet show in a Blue Note Records style jazz club setting.

Update: Unfortunately, the above link now forwards to the general Renault website and the clip appears to be gone.

Second update: YouTube helps out:
Here is the one with Animal:

which I was talking about. There is another one here:

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Anonymous said...

do you have a copy of the 2003 va va voom TV commercial with thierry henry? The one with Animal is in 2004 I think but there was another in 2003.