Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Gamma rays from dark matter made of neutralinos?

Spiegel Online has an article about a bump in the spectrum of extra gallactical gamma rays observed by the Compton satellite. A group from Würzburg claims that this can be explained by assuming wimps are neutralinos with a mass of 515GeV that annihilte in halos. See the original Physical Review Letter.

Sounds interesting. Let's wait a bit. Could anybody please confirm that LHC would see these particles? I do not really understand the statement in the discussion section regarding what ("The rather high scale for the mass ladder of superpartners might render detection of all but the lightest of these particles by the CERN LHC difficult") LHC would actually see.

This brings me to the question that I have been asking many people: What do you expect LHC to see? there seems to be a consensus that just the higgs would be the most boring (conservative) outcome and just a bit of susy would not be much better. What do you think?

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Leucipo said...

I am for a two doublets Higgs Model not fitting with SUSY. Confirmation of both
hep-ex/0108001 and hep-ex/0105057. A conservative bet :-)

I'd enjoy if some of the new bosons were exactly or near the electroweak vacuum value, 246 GeV, but I do not know of models having such effect. Just I'd like this scale to be directly observable.

Any other suggestions?