Monday, August 29, 2005

LogVyper and summer holiday

After posting my notes on Lee Smolin's paper on the coffee table I left for two weeks of summer holidays which I spent in Berlin. The plan was to catch up with all the amenities of a major capital that you just don't get around to do on ordinary weekends. We were quite successful with this goal and even spent two days on Usedom (an island in the Baltic sea) and due to the weather got up to date with the movies (Sin City (---), LA Crash (++), Melinda and Melinda (+), Colateral (open air, o), The Island (+), and something on DVD (--) which I already forgot.

Update: A. reminds me the DVD was Spanglish and I thought it was (o).

The other thing I did (besides trying to read Thomas Mann's Magic Mountain, I only got to page 120) is I got a new dive computer (a Suunto Vyper) and wrote a GNU Linux software, to download and print dive profiles recorded with it: LogVyper/. It's under the GNU General Public License. Have a look and please give feedback!

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