Thursday, September 08, 2005


Reading through the arxive's old news items I became aware of hep-th/9203227 for which the abstract reads

\Paper: 9203227
From: (J. B. Harvey)
Date: Wed 1 Apr 1992 00:25 CST 1992

A solvable string theory in four dimensions,
by J. Harvey, G. Moore, N. Seiberg, and A. Strominger, 30 pp
\We construct a new class of exactly solvable string theories by generalizing
the heterotic construction to connect a left-moving non-compact Lorentzian
coset algebra with a right-moving supersymmetric Euclidean coset algebra. These
theories have no spacetime supersymmetry, and a generalized set of anomaly
constraints allows only a model with four spacetime dimensions, low energy
gauge groups SU(3) and spontaneously broken SU(2)xU(1), and three families
of quarks and leptons. The model has a complex dilaton whose radial mode
is automatically eaten in a Higgs-like solution to the cosmological
constant problem, while its angular mode survives to solve the strong CP
problem at low energy. By adroit use of the theory of parabolic cylinder
functions, we calculate the mass spectrum of this model to all orders in
the string loop expansion. The results are within 5% of measured values,
with the discrepancy attributable to experimental error. We predict a top
quark mass of $176 \pm 5$ GeV, and no physical Higgs particle in the spectrum.

It's quite old and there are some technical problems downloading it.

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Anonymous said...

Robert, I noticed that the date is April 1.

I tried this
and got back "paper does not exist"

I wish so much it would turn out to be a real paper!
but it may be "april fools"