Friday, November 10, 2006

Paper cranes

Yesterday, I served as jury member for the exciting physics competition which is part of the WellenWelten ('wave worlds') physics exhibition in Bremen.

Children (possibly in teams) from 10 to 19 could choose from six construction tasks (announced two months earlier) and present their result in the Congress Centre.

I had to judge paper cranes. The task was to use only paper, glue, sand and twine to build a crane. It should only touch the table in an area of A4 size and be able to hold a 400g weight 40cm above the table and 25cm in front of the base. Furthermore, the crane had to be stable both with and without the weight. With these constraints the task was to build the crane as light as possible.

We had to judge the cranes not only on their stability and weight but also on design, presentation and construction. The level of the 15 submissions was very high and it was not easy to determine the winners. In the end we settled for this crane

which was constructed by two girls from 9th grade (13 years). The three runners up are


You find all the pictures here (two pages). Red t-shirts indicate participants and their teachers and dark blue is the jury.

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