Saturday, August 08, 2009

Jazz makes you age faster

Before I head off for the travel season (first vacation: St. Petersburg, Moscow, Transsiberian Railway, Irkutsk, Baikal Lake, Ulan Ude and Mongolian Border, then two weeks of workshop in Corfu, then meeting collaborators in Erlangen and finally lecuring in Nis, Yugoslawia) - you won't notice any change in posting frequency - I would like to leave you with the latest statistic I learned about in "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" today:

In 1982, the average age of the audience of jazz concerts (don't know if in Germany or worldwide or whatsoever) was 29, today it is 64. So, even assuming immortality of improvised music enthusiasts, in 27 years, they got older by 35 years!

Note well that for an average of 64, if I attend a jazz concert being 36, we need 78ers to get back to the average.


Anonymous said...

You know, when Paul Erdos was a young boy, everybody knew the Earth was 2 billion years old. When he was old, they said its age was 4.5 billion years. Hence, he concluded, he must have been round for mighty long time and once gave a talk "My first 2.5 billion years in mathematics".

SlipOn said...
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