Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back from silence

It has been very silent here recently (or not so recently) but there is no particular reason for this except that I have been busy with other things (including an update on my facebook relationship status) and small things have been posted to Twitter rather than the blog.

And if one is not constantly taking care of things they tend to degrade. So is this blog. What happened is that mathphys.jacobs-university.de, the computer that I have been using to host (background and other) images and the mimetex installation that was serving formulas for this blog as well as a number of other CGI scripts has died or at least is being turned off. Anyway, I have to relocate these things and I am still looking for a good solution. It should be a computer with a static, routed IP address on which I can install programs and in particular cgi-scripts of my liking. Here at LMU, this is probably not going to happen for reasons of security paranoia on the sysadmin side. In addition, mathphys was handling my email traffic, meaning that currently spam reaches my inbox and messages are threatened to be deleted by well meaning service providers. But this just means that the suffering is strong enough that I will be looking for a solution in the very near future. The solution will most likely be renting some virtual linux server. Suggestions in this direction would be more than welcome.

Not long ago, I have been attending the 40th incarnation of the Ahrenshoop Symposium once more organised by the Humboldt Uni crowd. This get together had a particularly interesting selection of talks many of which I really enjoyed. In particular I learned a lot and updated my options on F-Theory GUTs and AdS-Condensed Matter. Many thanks to the organisers! As you would expect, PDFs are online except for Sean's who gave a flip-chart talk (on four flip charts).

At that meeting I was asked what had happened to this blog and this post is supposed to be the answer to this question. I hope of course that more content will be here, soon. I was also asked to mention that it was Martin Rocek who got all the soap.

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