Friday, February 03, 2012


Not much to say, but I would like to mention that, finally, we have been able two finalize two write-ups that I have announced here in the past:

First, there are the notes of a block course that I have in the summer on how to fix some mathematicla lose ends in QFT (notes written by our students Mario Flory and Constantin Sluka):

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love QFT

Lecture notes of a block course explaining why quantum field theory might be in a better mathematical state than one gets the impression from the typical introduction to the topic. It is explained how to make sense of a perturbative expansion that fails to converge and how to express Feynman loop integrals and their renormalization using the language of distribtions rather than divergent, ill-defined integrals.

Then there are the contributions to a seminar on "Foundations of Quantum Mechanics" (including an introduction by your's truly) that I taught a year ago. From the contents:

  1. C*-algebras, GNS-construction, states, (Sebastian)
  2. Stone-von-Neumann Theorem (Dennis)
  3. Pure Operations, POVMs (Mario)
  4. Measurement Problem (Anupam, David)
  5. EPR and Entanglement, Bell's Theorem, Kochen–Specker theorem (Isabel, Matthias)
  6. Decoherence (Kostas, Cosmas)
  7. Pointer Basis (Greeks again)
  8. Consistent Histories (Hao)
  9. Many Worlds (Max)
  10. Bohmian Interpretation (Henry, Franz)
See also the seminar's wiki page.

Have fun!

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