Friday, December 09, 2016

Workshop on IoT Liability at 33c3

After my recent blog post  on the dangers of liability for manufacturers of devices in the times of IoT, I decided I will run a workshop at 33C3, the annual hacker conference of the Chaos Computer club. I am proud I could convince Ulf Buermeyer (well known judge, expert in constitutional law, hacker, podcaster) to host this workshop with me.

The main motivation for me is that I hope that this will be a big issue in the coming year but it might still be early enough to influence policy before everybody commits herself to their favorite (snake oil) solution.

I have started collecting and sorting ideas in a Google document. Internet of things signed by the author


ash gray said...
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Adam said...

Thank you for this post. You have done a great job.

Danis Tanovic said...

Can you share with us some information from your workshop. If you already mentioned on your blog then can you please share the link. Thanks.

Robert Helling said...

Unfortunately, there is not much written information from the workshop beyond the google doc already linked. But we set up a mailing list on the topic, see and in its archive you can find a number of documents on the topic that have been passed around since.